A list of papers

List of papers published by Luigi Raimondi in the field of process engineering and flow-assurance simulation is presented

L. Raimondi, 2016, Simulation of Pipeline Depressurization in the Transportation of Oil&Gas with High CO2 and H2S Content, 2016, Chemical Engineering Transactions, Vol. 53, 2016

L. Raimondi, Full Compositional Simulation of Two-Phase Flows, 2014, MFIP13, Multiphase Flow in Industrial Plants

Raimondi L., 2014, CO2 transportation with pipelines - Model analysis for steady, dynamic and relief simulation, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 36, 619-624,DOI:10.3303/CET1436104
    Summary and Presentation

L.Raimondi, Rigorous Simulation of LPG Releases from Accidental Leaks,” - 2012 - Chemical Engineering Transactions, Vol. 26 Part 1, p.63

L.Raimondi, Comment on “Molecular Simulation Prediction of Sound Velocity for a Binary Mixture near Miscible Conditions” - Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 2011, 50 (19), pp 11455–11458

L. Raimondi, "Analysis of Equipment Insulation Requirements by Dynamic Simulation" - Dynamic Simulation for Industrial Plants, from Design to Operations, October 26, 2010 - Milan, Italy

L. Raimondi, “Rigorous Calculation of LNG Flow Reliefs using the GERG-2004 Equation of State”, 4th International Conference on Safety & Environment in Process Industry, 14-17 March 2010, Florence, Italy

L. Raimondi, “Critical Approximations in the Calculation of Pressure Relief Valves for Twoo-Phase Flow”, 11th International Conference on MULTIPHASE FLOW IN INDUSTRIAL PLANT, September 2008

L. Raimondi, “Rigorous Calculation of Critical Flow Conditions for Pressure Safety Devices”, Process Safety and Environmental Protection, July 2007

L. Raimondi, "Una simulazione rigorosa per il dimensionamento delle valvole di sicurezza. ICP – Luglio-Agosto 2004.

L. Raimondi, “Multicomponent Complex Distillation Column Analysis and Optimization through an Extended Ponchon-Savarit Method", ESCAPE-14 (European Seminary on Computer Aided Process Engineering), Lisbon , May 16-19, 2004.

L. Raimondi “Ponchon-Savarit method revisited. An application to multicomponent separations design in distillation columns", Convegno IcheaP-6 - Pisa -9-11/6/2003. Paper and poster

L. Raimondi, "Un programma generalizzato per la simulazione stazionaria della fluidodinamica in sistemi multifase e multicomponenti", Convegno ANIMP su "Impiantistica dei Flussi Multifase Bologna -29-30/10/1988

L. Raimondi, "A modified Redlich-Kwong equation of state for vapour liquid equilibrium calculations", Chemical Engineering Science, Vol. 35(1980)