Xpsim version 2.02 - What is new

Release date: July, 31  2015

Development work for this new release has been mainly focused on the dynamic simulation capability of multiphase PIPELINES


Service Packs and corrections issued along last year (2012-2013) as modifications of the 2.00 version have been incorporated and consolidated.
In addition to other minor additions, the following new main features are available.

A preliminary version of a multiphase flash calculation (vapor, liquid 1/H, liquid 2/W, solid and hydrates) has been included. This model can be used in the VLECURVE (Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Curve) function available in the VLE ANALYSIS input category.

The Peneloux modification of the Peng-Robinson equation of state (PR-P) is now available for the calculation of the liquid and vapor densities

Unit Operations
Within the PIPELINE simulation the vapor-liquid 2-phase flow simulation model 2FLUIDM has been completely revised and can be used to obtain good pressure drop and liquid holdup values.


All the graphs generated in a simulation run (steady state or dynamic) can be listed and previewed in a dedicated window.
The previous ‘graph selection dialog’ has been eliminated.
The selection of a particular graph and its customization is made from the ‘Graph List & Preview’ window.


The Dynamic Simulation Option is now available for user's evaluation.
These capabilities are managed by the new "Windows User Interface" which allows the user to define interactive dynamic simulations and browse generated values.
These features are descrThese features are described in the dynamic simulation manual included in the installation package:
Dynamic Simulation for XPSIM v.2.02 – Reference Manual - Rev. 2.0 – July 2015