Dynamic Multiphase Flow Simulation

Dynamic simulation of Gas-Liquid flows in pipelines is now available from release 2.03
Browse the article "Full Compositional Simulation of Two-Phase Flows" available in the "General Info" page.
Additional examples will be soon available in the Samples page.

Version 3.00 released - July, 2018

This new version includes updates and improvements on the windows user interface and of simulation engine.
The Dynamic Simulation Option is included for user's evaluation.

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Who can use this product?

XPSIM is a generalized steady state and dynamic process simulator.

XPSIM is a powerful and modular process simulator for the design of process plants and network systems in the Oil, Gas and Chemical industries.


XPSIM provides in a single product functions that can be found in multi-products applications.

  • Vapor-Liquid equilibrium with hydrate formation
  • Vapor-liquid equilibrium data regression
  • PVT experiments for reservoir fluids characterization
  • Hypothetical components and Crude properties generation
  • Mixers, Splitters, Flash, Valves, Component Separators, etc.
  • Compressors, Expanders, Pumps
  • Simple and multi-stream heat-exchangers
  • Distillation Columns with side strippers
  • Complex pipelines, simple pipes and nodes
  • Pressure safety devices sizing (API RP520)
  • Vessel depressurization and blow-down (API RP521)
  • Reactors (CSTR, Plug Flow, Conversion, min Gibbs energy)
  • Special Functions

    XPSIM include a complete pipeline unit operation.
    Coupled with the gathering and network solution algorithms, solves all flow-assurance problems faced by the Oil and Gas industry for upstream, midstream and downstream operations

    Simple and Efficient

    XPSIM provides in a single product
    Process and Flow-Assurance simulation functions
    not available in other commercial tools

    Additional Infos ?

    Process Simulation Services


    For the design of furnaces use WinHeat© (Thermal Rating And Analysis) and WinProp© (Properties Grid Generation, Pressure Loss & Flow Regime)