Xpsim samples

Only a partial set of process simulation samples can be included and presented in this web site

The list of samples is shown on the left column.

For each sample the following is provided:
- a brief description of the process
- the process-flow diagram schema
- calculation results

The following samples are provided:

- dew and bubble point curves using phase envelope and VLE analysis

-  VLE regression (Ethanol, water and methyl-acetate)

-  PVT experiments for reservoir fluid characterization

-  Fluid property Optimization and Tables generation for OLGA

-  simple column with composition specifications

-  a propane recovery plant using a turboexpander

-  a superfractionator for ethylbenzene-xylenes separation

-  MTBE recovery by distillation

-  Optimization of a de-propanizer distillation column

-  gas transportation through a deep sea

-  NGL production gathering from 4 wells

-  A simple nitrogen distribution network

-  An example of a long distance CO2 transportation

-  PSV calculation for an offshore gas-water separation system

-  Vessel drepressurization in a fire scenario

-  Liquid LPG relief from a leaked tank

-  Di-tert-butyl peroxide decomposition

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If you are interested to propose a specific project case or a new sample simulation to test XPSIM capabilities, please feel free to contact us about this subject