XPSIM General Information

XPSIM (eXtended Process SIMulation) is a software application for the design of process plants in the petroleum, gas and chemical industries.

This application provides in a single product the simulation of:

Vapor-Liquid equilibrium with hydrate formation

Vapor-liquid equilibrium data regression

PVT experiments for reservoir fluids characterization

Hypothetical components and Crude properties generation

Mixers, Splitters, Flash, Valves, Component Separators, etc.

Compressors, Expanders, Pumps

Simple and multi-stream heat-exchangers

Distillation Columns with side strippers

Complex pipelines, simple pipes and nodes

Pressure safety devices sizing (API RP520, omega method)

Vessel depressurization and blow-down calculations (API RP521)

Reactors (Conversion, min Gibbs energy, CSTR and Plug Flow)

With a very complete pipeline unit operation, coupled with the gathering and network solution algorithms, XPSIM can solve the problems faced by the Oil and Gas industry for upstream, midstream and downstream operations.