Unit Operations

XPSIM provides a rich number of modules for the simulation of unit operations. These modules are flexible, powerful and multi-purpose calculation units.

The following table contains a list of the most frequently used simulation operations

Simulation Operation Process Operation
COLUMN distillation, multistage multi-component separations
COMPRESS gas compressor
EXPANDER gas/liquid expander
HEATCOOL heating/cooling operations, heat balances
HEATEXCH heat exchanger, also LNG heat exchanger
FLASH flash-drum, equilibrium operations
PUMP liquid pump
MIXER streams mixer
VALVE control valve
SPLITTER streams splitter
COMPSEP generic component separator
PIPELINE multiphase transfer line
PIPE simple single phase or mixed phase line
NODE pipe network node
PSDpressure safety devices
DEPRESSvessel depressurization
REACTORchemical reactor
AIRHXair-cooled heat-exchanger

These simulation operations available in XPSIM are flexible, powerful and multipurpose calculation units. Each of the above listed operations may reproduce the operation of many different types of equipments.


This operation can be used to model: distillation columns, absorbers-stripper arrangements, topping and vacuum units


This operation provides full capabilities for the simulation of single and multiphase transport. Many two-phase flow correlations are available


This operation can calculate
- LNG heat exch.
- air coolers
- shell and tube hx
- furnaces


With this operation you can size or verify pressure safety valves or rupture disks on the basis of API-RP520