About us

XPSIM is a process simulator developed by a process engineer for process engineers

The author is Dr. Luigi Raimondi who has worked for a large engineering company of a major oil&gas corporate.
He held various positions starting as a process engineers and eventually as manager of the technical software development dept.

The software products he has developed have been used for years for the design of numerous plants and pipelines around the world.

XPSIM is the results of deep interests in thermodynamics, mathematics and technical software architecture, topics that are critical for the development of good and robust software products for process engineering.

XPSIM developments has started on 2002 and has incorporated new up-to-date remarkable functions for the simulation of pipelines, networks, blow-downs, distillation columns, etc.

A list of publications and articles in the field of computer aided process engineering (CAPE) developed by the author can be browsed in the next page